Steve’s Experience

Cleveland CourthouseSteve is an experienced trial lawyer with first chair jury trials, judge trials and oral arguments to the appellate courts. He began trying cases to juries his first year out of law school in 1994.

Steve is an aggressive advocate experienced in fighting for the rights of clients on both sides of the courtroom. He understands that people who need the help of a lawyer can find themselves in any position in life or society. He has represented:

– Employees and employers in disputes over employment relationships, trade secrets and non-competition agreements.

– Injured people and people who have been blamed for injuries due to car crashes, dangerous places and defective products.

– Family members suffering the wrongful death of their loved one and people blamed for the wrongful death of another.

– Those who built buildings and those who contracted for buildings to be built. General contractors and sub-contractors. Material suppliers and material purchasers.

– People who bought cars and dealerships that sold cars.

– Tenants who were entitled to stay and landlords who were entitled to have their property back.

– Rich and poor. Big and little.